Chins for Sale

EMMA, cute white mosaic girl–could get whiter with time–born 10-4-21, $400, ready to leave late November.
Very striking white ebony girl–might get more white with time–born 10-4, yours for $400, can go home late November.
Just born 11-12, this little cutie is a tan boy named BILLY BOB, and yours for $300.
This is CARLOS Jr., born 11-7-21, and is a curly line chin so extra sweet. An interesting white tail-tip white light ebony, yours for $350.
This is THOR again, taken 11-13-21, notice the “mane” between his ears and nice fluffy tail. His sister is also lovely.
Here is an updated picture of the sisters EMMA and ELLE, at 5 weeks of age, $400 each, $700 together.
This is COCOA, and this picture just won a Christmas category in a chin photo contest. Really lovely tan girl born 10-25-21, and she is yours for $300.
This is BARI as of 11-13. Truly lovely white mosaic boy who is an angora carrier. Ready to leave now, $400.
Hmmmm, look like regular standard gray brother and sister? These are THOR and ZENA born 7-8-21 and their parents are angoras so they will be too! I have both male and female gray angora and angora carrier kits right now–gray angoras will be $600-800, gray angora carriers $300, buy a mixed pair for $1000 to make your own angoras!
Charlotte – Tan very curly girl, born Fall 2020, inquire if interested, but be aware that show quality curlies start at $1000 and can go to $2000 depending on size, curl and color. This girl is exceptional.

Didn’t see anyone you were interested in or we are all sold out? Contact me for more information about upcoming kits! Lyn at