Chins for Sale

Two extra dark ebony, very curly boys born 12/20/20, RICKY and DAVID. If you are serious about curlies, you came to the right place. Inquire if interested. I can ship in cooler months.
ONLY three days old for this picture, this is SUZANNE, extra dark ebony girl born 5 12 21, yours for $400.
This is KEVIN, dark ebony boy, brother to NICK and JOE, born 5 6 21, yours for $350.
This is ACE, was born 3 9 21, and is a curly and also an angora carrier. He could help you get that Imperial breeding program jump started! Price available on request.
Pretty little SUZETTE, only 3 days old for this picture, nice extra dark ebony girl for $400 (sister is Susanne).
Beautiful extreme white ebony mosaic boy, NICK, born 5/6/21. Yours for $600.
NIck’s cute brother JOE, also born 5/6/21 and a white mosaic–I think he’ll become more white with time. $400.
THIS is LITTLE JOE, a beige boy born 4 6 21. What a cutie! His price is $300 and he is reserved for KERI.
Tan curly boys born Fall 2020. Inquire if interested.
Charlotte – Tan very curly girl, born Fall 2020, inquire if interested, but be aware that curlies start at $1000 and can go to $2000 depending on size, curl and color. This girl is exceptional.

Didn’t see anyone you were interested in or we are all sold out? Contact me for more information about upcoming kits!