Chins for Sale

Two extra dark ebony curly girls, SISSY and SASSY, on either side of gorgeous curly white mosaic boy CHARLEY, born 7-9 and 7-7-21. One of the girls is already reserved! These are pricey chins–if interested be in touch–curlies are my specialty–I have adults, teens and kits for sale.
Cute standard gray boy FRANCIS, born 6 4 21 and ready now for his forever home. Yours for $200.
This is ASHLEIGH my first Color Class Champion Curly from the Empress Ohio Branch chin show in 2018. Our SEA Empress Branch is having our first show 1-22-22 in St Augustine FL–ask me for details!
This is ACE, was born 3 9 21, and is a curly and also an angora carrier. He could help you get that Imperial breeding program jump started–and his parents just had a female kit SO I have both a male and female curly angora carrier to offer.
Pretty little JILLY, extra dark white ebony girl born 6-20-21 (sister JENNIE is in the picture too) for $500.
This cute white mosaic boy is HENRY, born 7-14-21 (LOOK at that date–probably extra lucky), he’s yours for $400.
This is HONEY, tan sister of HENRY, same lucky birthday, yours for $300.
THIS is JENNIE a beige girl born 6-20-21. What a cutie! Her price is $300 and she is now reserved.
Hmmmm, look like regular standard gray brother and sister? These are THOR and ZENA born 7-8-21 and their parents are angoras so they will be too! I have both male and female angora and angora carrier kits right now–angoras will be $600, angora carriers $300, buy a mixed pair for $800 to make your own angoras!
Charlotte – Tan very curly girl, born Fall 2020, inquire if interested, but be aware that curlies start at $1000 and can go to $2000 depending on size, curl and color. This girl is exceptional.

Didn’t see anyone you were interested in or we are all sold out? Contact me for more information about upcoming kits! Lyn at