We are hobby breeders of mutations color chinchillas located in Central
. We also have some "international chins" (the rare Blue Diamonds)
from our fellow breeder friends in the Czech Republic in Chins for Sale and
we could help you figure out how to ship one or more if you fall in love! Please
at our Chins for Sale page to see what we have available and then contact
me, Lyn Shuster, at LASMD925@aol.com, subject line "CHINS."
Though we do not usually ship chinchillas because of the expense,  I
sometimes travel on the I-95 corridor between Florida and points north and
might deliver to you that way.
February 14, 2019 ***

Empress Chinchilla show 12-1-18--first time ever a curly has gotten that honor
to my knowledge....and it is ASHLEY (below), who supercedes my girl TACO
BELLE to the left who was the first curly to take a first at an American chin

CHIN SHELVES--these are nice thick oak with rounded edges...HEY I JUST
GOT TUNNELS and matching extra flannel sleeve and/or hammocks--hard to
come by and cost a lot to ship--no shipping if you buy with your chinnie!


                                            < CHIN CARRIERS!  Large is $15, small
                                                 (big enough for one kit) is $10.  

                                  CORNER shelf, hard to find, AND below chin treat bag.

                                           < HAMMOCK and TUBE sets! The
                                              good kind, made from PVC pipe and
                                              flannel.  Various patterns, $35, buy an
                                               extra liner for $7 more.  These are the
                                                good kind made with heavy PVC pipe.

Trouble finding a GOOD
water bottle? I use these
exclusively, glass in 8 or 16 oz,
I offer the 16 oz size for $10
and I'll include an extra spring
which is key to keeping
it from falling off the cage>>>>

NOW some folks want to come by and choose their chin that way--here is
EMILY who picked violet boy EVAN for her birthday last year and looks pretty
happy with her choice.

SHADOW and BANDIT, adopted by Leanne and Brandon in Mobile, AL,
and just look below at all the "stuff" these two have (see the tube and
hammock to the left).

Lyn Shuster, Lyn's Chins, Orlando, FL
Please contact me at LASMD925@aol.com with a subject line "CHINS." And
ASK for my "Chin Facts" for info (or is that "chinfo?") about all things chin
and/or "Is a chinchilla the right pet for me?"

Other breeders on this website are: Jodie McEwen, and M and M chinchillas
from the Czech Republic.   Jodie and Lyn are members of the MCBA
(Mutation Chinchilla Breeders Association) and Empress Chinchilla, the two
largest chinchilla organizations in the USA.
Home of Lyn's Chin, Hillcrest Chinchillas and offering rare
Blue Diamond Chinchillas from M and M chinchillas..
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