The above video SHOULD be a demonstration of the difference in size between a fairly young
chinchilla kit AND one at about 6 weeks--and the baby kit here is the adult DYLAN, who is in my
breeding group at Lyn's Chins..

economic times are hard for everyone; however, there is much comfort to be had from a pet.  
Although pedigree chins are more expensive to buy than let's say an ASPCA dog or cat, they are
WAY cheaper than pedigree dogs/cats. The start-up costs do include cage and "stuff," depending on
how much more you want to buy other than food dish and water bottle; however, once you've bought
all that consider:  chins have NO necessary visits to the vet (dogs and cats sure do), chins have NO
necessary long term medication (no heartworm pills/flea treatment/etc.), chins can be left alone
over a weekend by themselves at home with two water bottles and a full food dish (try that with
your dogs/cats and see what happens).  Chin food, and litter, is an ongoing expense, but you can buy
pine litter in LARGE bags at PetsMart and with food spend about $l0/month for maintaining your
chin.  Your dog/cat food--I don't think so.  SO before you think, "too expensive, too much trouble"
keep all this in mind.
A chinchilla is an interesting exotic pet, but sophisticated and long-lived (up to 20 years, 10-12
average in my experience) animal.  PLEASE RECOGNIZE that chins can move very fast and have
sharp teeth.  This is NOT a good pet for children and in general, age 12 for girls, 13 for boys is my
cut off for chin ownership.  If you want more information on what are other good "exotic" pets for
younger children, email me and I will send you specific recommendations.
I would be happy to answer your questions about how to choose a chinchilla, how to buy a cage and
what supplies are necessary, whether and what kind of "companion" chinchilla to buy if you have
one already, or are thinking of buying a pair---any question you may have I welcome.  CHINS ARE
HYPOALLERGENIC so often folks who cannot have a furry creature because of allergies can have
a chinchilla! They are also quiet and nearly odorless. Want more info about how to care for chins,
what to feed them, what cage to buy, all about dust baths, etc? Email me and ask for Chin Facts to
be emailed to you for detailed information on chin behavior, health care, cage and accessories and
how to reserve/buy one from me.
Lyn Shuster, Lyn's Chins, subject line "CHINS"


Mutation Chinchilla Breeders Association

Empress Chinchilla

CHINS FOR SALE, for kit pictures please CLICK on "CHINS FOR SALE" in top left menu.
RESERVED means a deposit has been received and the chin is probably sold (you can still inquire,
sometimes sales do not go through), DEPOSIT PENDING means I am waiting to receive a deposit,
if it never comes, you might be able to buy this chin, SOLD means the chin is gone to his/her
forever are kits available now to reserve but some not big/old enough to leave.

Who's for sale:

NEWBIES to the website:

EMBER and ASH, extra dark ebony boys, born 1-20-19, $300 and $350 (one is darker).
Also consider:

EVE and EVAN, lt ebonies born 12-31-18, either for $150.
DEBBY and DART, extreme white mosaic girl for $300, lt eb boy $150, born 1-6-19.
JASMINE, JEMIMA and JESSE, sapphire sisters $400 each, gray sapphire carrier boy $200,
excellent blood lines, born 1-8-19.
LEVI, tan violet carrier boy, $250, born 1-12-19.
CONNIE and CAMMIE, lt ebony sisters, $150 each born 1-15-10.
AND still here for sale
, older but beautiful:
MADONNA, gorgeous extreme white mosaic girl born 6-30-18, $300.
BELLE, sister to NINJA below, also med dark eb girl, born 11-16-17, $200- but the are JANUARY
Specials, $50 DISCOUNT EITHER ONE, so yours for $150.
NINJA, medium dark ebony boy born 11-16-17, $200, see above, discounted to $150.
And another set of nice chins....
I have some "chins returned to me" that you might want to adopt--2 years old and lived in a pet
home, beige violet and tan girls, much discounted from kit prices to $300 for both--be in touch if
they interest you and I'll give you  more information


NOW SOME CHIN SHOW PICTURES from some of our chapter's MCBA Chin Shows so you can
get an idea what they are like....

Here are the recording table crew--real serious looking bunch...NOT!

The audience patiently waits for the show to begin...

The raffle stuff was AWESOME!

We even had fun out in the hallway (that's Jan Ryerson grooming a chin in the background with
hubby giving her tips!) Erica Wieser Lyons is in the green shirt, David Fluegel who did a terrific job
with raffle set up and selling tickets (384 !!) is talking to Karen, Cheryl Van Luvender's sister, and
way over to the right is Jim Ritterspach getting ready to start judging.

How bout them purple trophies?!

This actually is the "chin sorting" before the show gets started.....

************December 3, 2011 SEC Chapter MCBA Chin Show pictures***********************


And a cute "you looking at me?" shot of a violet chin mom (see the kits underneath nursing?).
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